How to Pray in Japanese Shrine

People are attracted by Japanese culture, food and religion from all over the world, especially the shrine you can see everywhere in Japan.
But there are still many people get confused about what to do when visiting Japanese shrine
We've written a quick and simple explanation on what to do when praying below.

  • First, bow once facing the main hall before entering the shrine gate “torii”

  • Find the wash basin!

    1. 1.Please purify yourself by taking the ladle in your right hand to scoop a cup full of water.
    2. 2.Use one fifth of the water to wash your left hand and the same for your right hand after switching the ladle onto your left hand.
    3. 3.Bring the ladle back to your right hand and drip one fifth of the water onto your cupped left palm.
    4. 4.Use this water to cleanse your mouth and finally wash your left hand with the remaining water.
    5. 5.Finally, place the ladle back so that the cup is facing upward. This way, the remaining water will drip down the handle and clean it.
  • Once you arrive at the main hall, throw a 5 yen coin into the offering box, 5 yen(御縁) means relationship in Japanese.

  • Ring the bell before offering your prayer. It is meant to get the god’s attention.

  • Offer your prayers

    1. 1.Bow deeply twice,
    2. 2.Clap your hands twice
    3. 3.Join your palms when offering your prayers
    4. 4.Lastly, bow once

    Before leaving the shrine grounds, bow again to the main hall before exiting the shrine gate.