Awaji Island

About Awaji Island

According to the ancient Japanese literature, Kojiki and Nihon Shoki, Awaji Island is said to be the first island that formed for Japan. There are many locations that are related to the legends of how this nation was born.
The beautiful nature, historic culture, abundant cuisine, and countless hotsprings are among the charms of Awaji Island that you can experience.


Awaji Island Gourmet

Awaji Island has had many connections with the Japanese Imperial Family since ancient times. The island is known as "the region of food," as it offered numerous ingredients to the Imperial Court. From livestock to vegetables and marine products, Awaji Island is a treasure trove of gourmet food.


Awaji Island Hot Spring

There are many hot springs located on Awaji Island. Hotspring hopping is one of the activities to enjoy. We recommend hotsprings on Awaji Island.


Awaji Island History/Myth

The legend of how Japan was created as a country began on Awaji Island. Here, there are many locations that are related to the myth.


Awaji Island Flowers and Nature

The abundant nature and warm weather allow flowers to bloom year-round.


Vortex of Awaji Island/Activities

Vortexes are formed with the coming and going of tides, and due to the coastlines and the terrain of the sea floor, the size of the vortex can sometimes reach 30 meters in diameter, making it the largest in the world.


Awaji Island Movie

Access to Awaji Island

Being 30 minutes from Kobe and within 1 hour from Osaka, Awaji Island is also a great location to access various tourist locations. Come and enjoy Awaji Island after shopping in the cities nearby or visiting Universal Studios Japan.


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