Awaji Island, the Treasure Trove of Food

"Mitsukekuni," which means the "region of food," is the region that offered its high-quality food to the Imperial Family and Imperial Court, and Awaji Island, with abundant great ingredients, offered its food to the Imperial Court beginning in ancient times. Surrounded by the sea, Awaji Island is able to provide seafood for all seasons. We also have livestock and vegetables raised with care in the fertile lands. A variety of cuisines with wonderful ingredients that are special to Awaji Island can be sampled here.

Awaji Beef

"Awaji beef" is known as the foundation for the famous Matsuzaka beef and Kobe beef. On Awaji Island, specially selected mother cows are carefully mated to maintain a meticulous pedigree of quality. Awaji beef has a high quality flavor and perfect marbling, which all intertwine with one another for a savory and mellow flavor.

Awaji Beef Awaji Beef

Steak or shabu-shabu, kaiseki banquets or sukiyaki. These are among the many ways to enjoy it.

  • Steak Steak
  • Awaji Beef Kaiseki Banquet Awaji Beef Kaiseki Banquet
  • Sirloin Steak Sirloin Steak

Japanese Cuisine with a Variety of Fresh Seafood

The fresh seafood caught on Awaji Island is used for sushi, sashimi, tempura, and many more dishes distinct to Awaji Island.

Local Delicacies

With an abundance of sunlight and fertile land, Awaji Island also has many local delicacies.

  • Awaji Island Beef Bowl (Gyudon) Awaji Island Beef Bowl (Gyudon)
  • Awaji Island Noodle Awaji Island Noodle
  • Raw Spanish Mackerel Bowl Raw Spanish Mackerel Bowl
  • Raw Whitebait Bowl Raw Whitebait Bowl
  • Island Desserts Island Desserts
  • Awaji Island Burger Awaji Island Burger