Model Courses

Focus on Sightseeing


Novice to Advanced


Special Sights Course / Mountain Course

This route links together a number of great sightseeing spots,providing a model to use as you choose.


  • Iwaya Port
  • Hiyari Pass/Tosanji Temple
  • Senzan/Senkoji Temple
  • Sanboin Temple
  • Eifukuji Temple
  • Ushiuchi Dam
  • Onion Road
  • Manshoji Temple
  • Wakodo No Hiroba Park
  • Janohire Outdoor Resort
  • Michi-no-Eki Fukura
  • Michi-no-Eki Uzushio
  • Onaruto Bridge Museum
  • Ibi
  • Maruyama
  • Keino Matsubara
  • Wellness Park Goshiki
  • Gossa Kaito Ruins
  • Shofukuji Temple
  • Nii (rice terraces)
  • Awaji Hanasajiki (flower garden)
  • Iwaya Port
  • (Recommended areas to stay: Iwaya, Fukura, Keino, Tsushi)

We recommend staying overnight for these long rides!
Many people aim to do the full 150-km century ride around Awaji Island, but there are plenty of spots and famous sites to see on the interior of the island. This course strings together many of the best sights to see.
You can choose the distance you want to ride from the starting point and your destinations. Use this course as reference for an overnight or multiple day trip, as well.

Total climb3,863m
Highest elevation414m
Estimated time14hrs

The estimated time for the ride is calculated on the basis of a 15 kph average speed. This may vary according to road conditions, etc.

Photogenic Spots and Other Popular Destinations

  • 1Eshima

  • 2Tosanji Temple

  • 3Senzan/Senkoji Temple

  • 4Sanboin Temple

  • 5Eifukuji Temple

  • 6Manshoji Temple

  • 7Wakodo No Hiroba Park

  • 8Janohire Outdoor Resort

  • 9Michi-no-Eki Fukura

  • 10Michi-no-Eki Uzushio

  • 11Onaruto Bridge Museum

  • 12Uosaikan (Maruyama Fishing Port)

  • 13Keino Matsubara

  • 14Wellness Park Goshiki

  • 15Gossa Kaito Ruins

  • 16Shofukuji Temple

  • 17Awaji Hanasajiki (flower garden)