Model Courses

Focus on Sightseeing




Kuniumi Course

A ride around to mythological sites
A flat course around the middle of the island with lots of fun sights!


  • Sumoto Port
  • Izanagi Shrine
  • Tsushi
  • Onokoro Shrine
  • Yuzuruha Dam
  • Awajishima Ranch
  • England Hill
  • Sumoto Port

Awaji Island is featured in the Kuniumi legend-the mythological birth of Japan. This route is recommended to see famous spots designated as Japan Heritage sites. The ride is generally flat. In spring, how about a ride to Yuzuruha Dam with its many cherry trees in bloom? Discover new appeal to Awaji Island that you don't get from a coastal ride alone.

Total climb1,067m
Highest elevation190m
Estimated time5hrs

The estimated time for the ride is calculated on the basis of a 15 kph average speed. This may vary according to road conditions, etc.

Photogenic Spots and Other Popular Destinations

  • 1Awaji World Park Onokoro

  • 2Akai Yane

  • 3Tako Sembei no Sato

  • 4Izanagi Shrine

  • 5Wellness Park Goshiki

  • 6Onokoro Shrine

  • 7Yuzuruha Dam

  • 8Awajishima Ranch

  • 9Minacoicoiya

  • 10Awaji Farm Park England Hill